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What are your hopes and dreams for Western? What priorities would you choose for Western’s next Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee welcomes your creative ideas! Over several weeks, we’ll post some important questions about specific themes. Please watch Western’s social media channels and check this page regularly to take part.

If you have questions about the Strategic Planning process or wish to provide further feedback, email

Energizing our research, scholarship and creative activity

Embracing an ambitious research culture that values collaboration, interdisciplinarity, innovation and risk-taking.

Providing a transformational student experience

Exploring the full student experience (graduate and undergraduate) - academics, research, leadership, entrepreneurship, national and international learning opportunities, and student life.

Building partnerships

Building local, national and international partnerships are critical to Western's success.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Embedding equity, diversity and inclusion into Western’s culture.

Leading in Sustainability

Environmental and social, local and global.

Fostering the sense of belonging

Ensuring students, faculty, staff and alumni feel part of the Western community.

Innovating in Teaching and Learning

Experiential learning, lifelong learning, technology and data literacy, in-person classroom experiences, online learning and professional development.