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Greater Impact

Western will pursue significant change in key areas to achieve greater impact.

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Grow strategically

Western is ready to be more and do more. Increasing the impact of our collective efforts will require several kinds of coordinated growth, which must also be deliberate and strategic. To reach our goals, Western’s entire ecosystem must grow as one.

Our commitments:

  • Expand faculty and staff complements
  • Expand student enrolment
  • Secure resources and building infrastructure

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Stimulate our research, scholarship, and creative activity

Western serves individual disciplines and the public good by advancing knowledge and sharing it through traditional and emerging methodologies to meet unforeseen challenges.

Our commitments:

  • Strengthen core facilities and invest in common resources such as labs and studios
  • Pursue more and deepen existing partnerships locally, nationally, and globally
  • Adjust internal organizational structures and the budget model to promote and fund interdisciplinary research and seek greater elasticity in our interdisciplinary mechanisms
  • Create a partnership concierge model to open up a portal to serve external partners

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Promote teaching and learning for the future

We want to sustain an environment of learning and teaching that celebrates intellectual curiosity and that sets the highest standards of creativity and analytic rigour.

Our commitments:

  • Launch curriculum renewal projects to develop new programs that will inspire students
  • Improve academic advising and career development support
  • Respond to the needs of 21st century learners by executing our online learning strategy
  • Ensure technology resources for a changing world are provided

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Enrich the student experience

Western graduates are highly sought-after, in part because of exceptional leadership skills they acquire during their time here. These skills are built in classrooms, libraries, studios, and labs, but also through experiential learning, clubs, sports, the arts, and across the whole student experience. We want to sustain this core strength and make it stronger.

Our commitments:

  • Offer every undergraduate intensive experiential learning opportunities
  • Invest in career development services for undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and postdoctoral scholars
  • Examine Western’s admissions process to ensure we attract a diverse group of students
  • Fund summer research opportunities for undergraduates
  • Extend our current offerings in entrepreneurship to students in all programs

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